We’re taking bookings now for summer 2019

We’re pretty busy all year round, but do have a number of school leavers in the summer, which creates places throughout the nursery, as the younger children all move up. If you would like to find out about joining our family at The Murrayfield Nursery, whatever age your child is, please do get in touch.

Should we be giving our young children ‘screen time’?

Yesterday I was at the NDNA conference in Coventry¬†and it was an excellent opportunity to hear updates on what is going on in the Early Years sector and to share best practice with many in our industry. One of the seminars was by Dr Sam Wass from Cambridge who is one of the experts on… Read more »

The power of physical play

Physical Literacy At The Murrayfield Nursery we are very aware that children learn with their bodies (physical literacy) as much as they do with their minds, so our environments are set up to allow maximum movement and use of different physical skills. In the Jemima and Clown Room we help them with crawling, walking, sliding… Read more »

Come and see our new Facebook Page!

We are pleased to introduce our new nursery Facebook page to you all. We will be updating it regularly with photographs and videos from around the nursery and it is a great way for us to share news and updates with you, as well as anything about early years which we think you might find… Read more »

We’re enjoying the Autumn weather…..

We’ve had a really busy September, with lots of new children settling in and all our children moving up an age group due to the space created by all our school-leavers. We’re now loving the Autumn weather and are spending as much time as possible in our Eco Garden and playing outside.

Welcome to The Murrayfield Nursery

We would like to welcome all new children and their families to the nursery. We look forward to supporting all children to achieve their full potential in our warm nurturing environment.