A friendly welcome…

Our aim is to provide an extension of the safe, warm, loving and exciting environment given to children at home and by doing so, give confidence to parents or guardians leaving their child in our care.


  • Delightful Nursery – My son attends and the staff are fantastic and very caring with attention to detail 10 out of 10. Would definitely recommend.

  • I have been impressed with ALL your staff, they are all VERY approachable and nothing is ever a problem for them.

  • I want to make you aware as to how impressed we have been regarding the work undertaken by The Murrayfield Nursery staff, in particular the Supervisor & team in the pre-school room and the Manager for the very well planned and executed work undertaken regarding the transition between Nursery and School for the children this year.

  • My daughter thoroughly enjoys her time at nursery. Although not speaking yet she always has lots to say when I ask her what she has been doing, which is evident by the number of craft/drawings I get home and the volume on the walls. I am very happy with the care provided by the team in the baby unit.

  • Staff have helped with eating & sleeping issues we’ve had at home with our child by taking an interest, giving advice and providing reading material to assist. My experience is that staff have always got the child’s best interests as priority.

  • The nursery provides a safe and supportive environment at all times. I believe my daughter is gaining valuable early learning and social skills but enjoys being at the nursery and always looks forward to her day.

  • It pleases me to note that staff have worked at the nursery for long periods of time. If staff are happy, they will be content in their work and my child will reap the benefits of dedicated staff! Staff know my child extremely well and he clearly enjoys the vast range of activities on offer. The manager is dedicated and enthusiastic – she is always on hand in the evening to say goodbye to the children and offer support etc. Much appreciated.

  • I am happy with the nursery and my child is happy to attend. He has developed speech and communication skills in the past six months and is now a confident child, whereas previously he was quite timid.


Welcome to The Murrayfield Nursery
August 8, 2017

We would like to welcome all new children and their families to the nursery. We look forward to supporting all children to achieve their full potential in our warm nurturing environment.


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